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Office of the University Vice President for Strategic Planning and

Economic Development

OTDThe office is responsible for OU's technology related entrepreneurial efforts, intellectual property, security, and economic development efforts. To that end, the office oversees and is an umbrella office for the Center for the Creation of Economic Wealth (CCEW), the Office of Technology Development (OTD), and the Corporate Engagement Office (CEO).

Additionally, the office is responsible for coordinating OU's efforts with the state and local economic/commerce development agencies, Innovation to Enterprise (i2E) and represents the University on the OCAST Board of Directors.


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Corporate Engagement Office (CEO)

CEO partnershipsWorking in the shared interest of OU's research and development enterprise, the Corporate Engagement Office (CEO) facilitates interaction among academia, government, military, and private sector interests, helping to build relationships and identify opportunities of common interest. Specific CEO activities include observing trends and opportunities, orienting relationships and strategies for Research Campus capabilities and assisting to develop OU's responses to those opportunities.


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Office of Technology Development (OTD)

BreathmeterFaculty and staff members on OU's three campuses are increasingly engaged in basic and applied research, the results of which may have significant commercial and/or societal impact. Overseeing the commercial development of those results is the responsibility of OU's Office of Technology Development (OTD), which has intellectual property responsibility for all three campuses. OTD works with researchers to focus on getting value from the technology that is developed at OU. Those efforts, in turn, allow for the creation of new companies or execution of licenses with companies that can benefit from that technology, all of which contributes directly to the intellectual, economic, social and cultural vitality of the state and nation.

Since its creation in 1998, OTD has created 36 companies that have generated more than $75 million in capital, more than $10 million in cash and more than $30 million in current estimated equity value for the university. In addition, these companies have created in excess of 150 jobs, which pay on average nearly twice the median household income in Oklahoma. In FY2009, through OTD, the University was awarded 16 U.S. patents and 7 foreign patents; entered into three exclusive license agreements and one non-exclusive license agreement; and actively marketed 27 selected technologies.


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Center for the Creation of Economic Wealth (CCEW)

CCEW students working on business model around OU technologyIn spring 2006, OU's Center for the Creation of Economic Wealth (CCEW) was established. Administered by OU's University Vice President for Strategic Planning and Technology Development and operating alongside the Office of Technology Development (OTD), CCEW creates an environment where students and faculty can learn about entrepreneurial ventures and how ideas lead to intellectual property, intellectual property leads to products, products lead to companies and jobs, and jobs lead to a stronger, more diverse economy.

CCEW's objectives are to broaden exposure to the entrepreneurial process, give students the opportunity to engage in real-world business enterprise, accelerate moving OU technology into the marketplace and strengthen wealth development in Oklahoma. By design, CCEW is truly an interdisciplinary program with students representing, to date, the colleges of Engineering, Business, Arts & Sciences, Journalism, Fine Arts, and Law. Through both a Mentor-In-Residence Program and an internship program, CCEW participants engage in entrepreneurial outreach activities and the development of actual start-up companies. Under the direction of mentors from the Oklahoma business community and OU faculty and staff, 84 outstanding students completed internships with CCEW and another 12 have been admitted to the program for Fall 2009.


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